The mission of the »Staatliches Bauhaus«, founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919, was to educate a new type of designer. Students at the Bauhaus were to acquire artisanal and artistic foundations as well as knowledge of the human psyche, the process of perception, ergonomics and technology.

In 2016, there has been an exhibition by the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn about Bauhaus. The exhibition encompassed a multiplicity of rare, in some cases never-before-seen exhibits from the fields of design, architecture, art, film and photography.

As a big fan of Bauhaus i was already familiar with a lot of pieces. The more interesting things were cover letters, bills and further media that hasn't dragged as much attention as the well known posters. There was obviously a great consistence in the corporate identity and each part would reflect the uniqueness the Bauhaus stands for.

So now, in 2018 for Adobe’s Hidden Treasures contest the task was to design a poster in the style of Bauhaus. Founded almost a hundred years ago the Institute didn't last that long as it got shut down in 1933 due to the regime. Back in 1930 it has been strong political times and a rise of dark times was ahead. The Election took place in September of 1930. So there could have been bulletins by the Bauhaus itself activating its students to go and vote. This brought me to the idea of setting up a series of posters in the way they published other papers.