There is a new museum in town! Recently opened, the futurium is a place, where the focus lies not on the past, rather than what’s to come. For it’s launch in september i was briefed along with some other illustrators to imagine how the future might turns out to be.

Ten illustrations were released in total and pasted all over the city showing several diverse views on what kind of world we are going to live in.  In my opinion i just hope things will keep on getting more sustainable as people are already changing in many ways these days. The Artwork shows a solar belt which stretches out along the equator.

I heard this concept before; if mankind would install such a big line of solarpanels it would cover the human need of energy by almost three times! And since this is meant to be in the future of course people would travel this transatlantic highway with flying cars. No doubt.

Shout out to Sandra Treisbach for getting me into this.