Skateboarding – specifically street – will be part of the next Summer Olympics in 2020. This obviously brings along a big, new piece of apparatus with it. However even before the official event a host of differing teams, skaters and coaches all need to qualify for it.

With that in mind, earlier this year I was approached by the nice people at fine lines, who asked me to take care of said qualifying event. I was tasked with creating a new key visual for the sktwk. My biggest challenge was capturing what the event truly represents, namely that is more than just a contest, it is an entirely unique culture, as exemplified by the range of exhibitions, video premieres, real street sessions etc., that bring this to life.

Below you will find the original piece and final layout, along with creative comms I designed for further touchpoints.

To get an impression of the real life event check what the final result looked like here and here & here or here.

(typeset created by the one and only mixen)
(image courtesy of dennis scholz)